Hard drive carcass at my front door this morning…

The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of destroyed hard drives and when the drains are full of tattered screws and scraps of silicon and metal, the computer illiterate will drown. The accumulated filth of all their downloaded porn and violent video games will foam up about their waists, and all the people who didn’t back up their data will look up and shout “Save my stuff!” … and I’ll whisper … “no.”

High School Memories

My little laugh for today:

I was reminded of my grade 9 art teacher as I passed a guy with a grey ponytail.

I butt heads with Mr. Seigner on a few occasions. He failed me in grade 9 art. Pretty sure he thought I had no talent. He would be appalled at what I do for a living.

My job involves quite a bit of art & design.

All I gotta say is:


Testing all the things

I never intended to use this domain as a test bed. It used to get a decent amount of traffic. Way back when it was only techie types that had blogs, people in real life in the blogging community would actually know who I was by my blog. Not so much anymore.

This is the day in age when many popular websites are powered by some kind of blogging platform, the most ubiquitous being WordPress. Since being a medium deal in the blogging community, I’ve become a developer. Mostly using other platforms (Zend, Codeigniter, dabbling in things like Angular, Laravel, Three.JS, and many others) but also in WordPress. But I’ve never really done the blogging thing since… I dunno… 2005, I think.

So I’m starting again. This is going to be a mishmash of whatever comes spurting from my brain. Tech, health, politics, whatever crazy conspiracy my brain cooks up… so much of the same stuff I wrote about before, but maybe slightly more mature. Maybe.
testing-is-for-wimps-real-men-test-in-production-thumbAlso, I’m using this as my test bed for Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. I’m contracting for a company that uses it for everything (or will be soon) and one of my coworkers uses it for his website, so I thought I could give it a try. It helps that I’m taking a Udemy course for AWS solutions architect.

So all this will be testing myself in writing and technology stack. We’ll see how long both of those last.